What is Millennium Flights?

jupiterMillennium Flights is the best space travel agency in the galaxy! We can take you just about anywhere, and we'll do it in under 12 parsecs to boot!

Take off and make new discoveries!

We'll take you all over the universe, whether it be for short overnight trips, or long, multi-week tours. Discover new planets, and see sights that are out of this world! If you're looking to relax, you can spend some time aboard the International Space Station and recharge.

Our Pilots

We have some of the best pilots in all of space (and time!)

How It Works

Our Trips are traditional cruises, but in space! Each one is a designated time (from 5 standard Earth days to 2 standard Earth weeks), and stop at several space ports along the way.

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5-Day Trip

  • All Inclusive
  • 4 Destinations
  • Nightly Parties
  • Family Friendly

10-Day Trip

  • All Inclusive
  • 6 Destinations
  • 1 Overnight Stay
  • Nightly Parties
  • Family Friendly

14-Day Trip

  • All Inclusive
  • 9 Destinations
  • 2 Overnight Stays
  • Nightly Parties
  • Space Walks
  • Family Friendly

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