The Most Exotic Trips in the Universe!

Upcoming Trips

Jupiter Moon Cruise

13th Dec 2016 – 27th Dec 2016   Set sail for two week across Jupiter’s Orbit, visiting all 8 of its moons! This surly isn’t a trip to miss, with lots of great photo opportunities, and even the change to take home a little drop of Jupiter!

The International Staycation!

01st Dec 2016 – 06th Dec 2016    ISS&nbspJoin us for 5 full days aboard the most technologically advanced resort that’s out of this world! Orbit the Earth in style on the International Space Station and enjoy drinks, dancing, and night life. Party until the Earth comes up!


15th Nov 2016 – 19th Nov 2016   Get away for 4 days at our hottest inhabitable planet, Venus! You’ll love the atmosphere so you’ll want to part there all night at the new night club we’ve added! And if you need some time by the pool, we’ve over 20 at our resort.


Millennium Flights is the best travel agency I’ve ever worked with! Not only are the destinations unique and exotic, but the service it top notch! I’ll never use another travel company again. - Andrew Morehouse

I was skeptical of using any agency for space travel, but Millennium Flights proved me wrong. I traveled in comfort and style, and got to see places unimaginable to me just a few years ago!  - Dorothy Russell

Truly an incredible experience. Visiting Jupiter’s moons over a couple of weeks was an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to do it again! - Maria Fried